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Locality: HENDRY

File Name: Hendry Survey 20220404

ObserversCristian Goodman, Michael Thompson
Date of interview04/04/2022
Time and date of initial call and email:03/14/2022
Time and date of response:03/14/2022
Did the registrar refuse to meet you:No
If yes, please provide the reason given for not meeting:
Survey Answers
1. What is your biggest concern about the upcoming election?Making sure they are prepared. With Pending Legislation. (2021 FL election law)
2. Any other major concerns?No
3. Do you feel like you have the resources, equipment, personnel, and training needed to run an effective election in November?Yes
3a. Any additional information?
3b. If no, what is missing?
4. When was the last time the voter file in your county was scrubbed or cleaned?2021
5. When was the last time you had access to the National Change of Address List or any other change of address list?Do not use NCA only thru vendor
5a. Any other information?
6a. Are you confident that the voter file is accurate and up to date?Yes
6b. If no, what is/are your main concern(s) about the list?
7a. Have you had private third-party individuals or groups conducting voter registration qtivities in this county?Yes
7b. If yes, can you tell me which groups conducted these activities
7c. If yes, are you confident these registration activities take place without bribery, intimidation or coercion, and that only qualified voters are registered through these third-parties?Yes
7d. Any other information?No complaints
8. Can you explain how your office manages voting in nursing homes?Work with nursing home staff and provide staff member to visit the nursing home or mail to the voter. Also provide VR application
9a. How is the voting system used in your county certified?By FL.
9b. Who certified it last and when?
10. Who updates and calibrates the voting machines?ES+S Rep
11. Can you explain how they update and calibrate the voting machines?Asked to skip. Stated did not understand question.
12a. Are you present when the machines are updated and calibrated, or is that process supervised by someone else? If some else, what is their position?I am present
12b. Another person supervises this process (insert title and position)Sherry or SoE
13. Do you invite party representatives to witness the update and calibration?Yes
14a.Are voting machines ever connected to the internetNo
14b. If yes, when and why are they connected?
14c. If they are not connected to the internet, how, when and by whom are they updated?
15a. Concerns were raised across the country about the accuracy and integrity of voting machines in the 2020 elections, and there are now calls to get rid of the machines, and use a manual process like that used in France. Do you think it is a good idea to go back to a manual voting process?No
15b. If no, why?Stated they did not have man power to do.
16. Can you tell us what it costs per voter to implement an election in this country?IDK off top of her head.
17a. How many (%) extra ballots are available in each precinct?They order Precinct with 90% of total voters @ precincts-> mail in ballots and early voting
17b. Can you describe the process used to track and account for these excess ballots?Ballot accountability is tracked and make sure each ballot is accounted for.
18a. We know that in some areas, machines had difficulty reading many mail-in ballots, and those had to be sent for manual adjudication. Can you describe briefly how ballots are adjudicated here?If machine cannot read it, Canvassing Board gets involved to review
18b. About what percentage of absentee ballots required adjudication in this county/city during the 2020 election?15 Ballpark
19. Have the machines you use for counting ever reported fractional results?No
19b. Any additional information?
20a. As an election professional, do you think the changes made in the election process in Florida in response to COVID have weakened election integrity, strengthened election integrity, or made no change in election integrity?Made no change
20b. Any additional information?
21a. Did you receive any funding or in-kind contributions for training, staff, voter education or equipment, or any other purpose from outside the state of Florida?No
21b. If yes, what was the funding or contribution used for?
21c. Will not receiving such funding in the future affect your ability to implement a fully free and fair election?..select..
21d. If yes, in what way?
22. Have your local party chairs been notified that they are entitled to send observers to your office each day it is open and receiving in-person absentee ballots?No
22a. Any additional information?Not required
23a. Did you have both Republican and Democrat pollwatchers at every polling location in 2020?No
23b. If no, please estimate the perentage of polling locations covered by each party:
24a. Do you have a publication that you provide to your election officials regarding rights and responsibilities of pollwatchers?Yes
Any additional information?
24b. If no, would you be willing to distribute such a publication that we would prepare based on Florida law?..select..
25a. If the Legislature through the Department of State allowed independent non-partisan observers, would you welcome that?Yes
25b. Any additional information?
26. Post survey question � Please characterize your interaction with the Supervisor of Elections asHelpful Polite Defensive. Very defensive. One of the most defensive interviews to date. I felt disrespected, disappointed in the fact the SoE so defensive when I never once accused her or anyone in her office of any wrong doing ever. Why is she so defensive, also declined to have the interview audio recorded, but in the same breathe states she hopes she is not mis-quoted, but declined audio for me to refer to later to confirm her answers.

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